Our Storage Terminals

"MEKKA" SHIPPING COMPANY operate oil terminal in different commercial sea port in Russia, Netherlands and Houston in USA. These terminals are equipped with the ultra-modern facilities which intake Gasoline, Kerosene, Gasoil / Diesel, Biodiesel, Jet Fuel A1, Naphtha, Virgin Fuel, Chemicals Crude Oil and all kind of oil & gas products from railway tank cars, sea tankers, and pipeline, each of our terminal is been supported by our own up-date laboratory for oil products quality and quantity control.

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Primorsk Terminal

Primorsk Oil Terminal is the largest stevedoring company in the North-West of Russian Federation providing stevedoring services for more than fifty Russian oil companies in the course of transferring export crude oil supplied through Baltic piping system (BTS) via Primorsk port intakes crude and oil products

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Rotterdam Terminal

"MEKKA" SHIPPING COMPANY operates an oil storage terminal in Rotterdam, strategically situated within the most important shipping routes and road networks. The Max logistics Terminal Rotterdam has a wide variety of tanks divided across 28 tank pits. The total storage capacity is 1,186,000 m³ cubic meters.

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Houston Terminal

The unique location in the port of Houston offers a 420 meter long seagull, where two seagoing vessels with a draft of up to 115,000 DWT and two lighters can be treated at the same time. The terminal specializes in the transmission and transfer of gasoline and intermediate distillery and has a capacity of more than 120 m³ distributed over 18 tanks.