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About Us

"MEKKA SHIPPING COMPANY" is a reliable, professional company in the field of Fuel Storage and logistics services, and we have been active for more than 9 years. As a family company with a rich history we specialise in Petroleum products storage in our more than 820,000m3 storage capicity both in the port of Rotterdam and Houston, . Besides traditional road / water transport, we offer innovative and environmentally friendly alternatives like short-sea and multi-modal solutions. We have the right resources, network and expertise for complex supply chain management solutions basically on petroluem products storage, optionally temperature controlled.


"MEKKA SHIPPING COMPANY is a state of the art terminal for the storage of mineral oil products and chemicals at our storage terminals. We are a subsidiary of the international, publicly traded company. Since 2003, we have put our name firmly on the map of the Rotterdam port area with a compact and flexible team. We are a niche player, but one that belongs to the established order. We cherish the advantages of our relatively small size every day: flexibility and openness, direct communication with customers and stakeholders.

""MEKKA SHIPPING COMPANY offers cargo supply in sizes of 1.000 – 500.000 MT. The cargoes are typically sold basis delivery to the clients' own shore tanks or can be delivered ex installation. Our product expertise is especially focussed on fuel oil, auto diesel, heating oil, gasoil, marine gasoil (MGO), marine gasoil (DMA), F75, F76, JET-A1, F35 Jet, F54, F44, RMD-80 and bitumen. Fuel oil covers several products such as high sulphur and low sulphur fuel oils as well as grades from IFO30, IFO60, IFO80, IFO120, IFO180, IFO380 and straight run fuel oil.

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Provider for chemical, mineral and transshipment operations

Key Point to know about Us.

  • Independent provider of tank storage
  • Zero-emission terminals
  • All modes of transportation
  • Ample jetty availability

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The right resources For just about every fuel storage & logistic challenge – however large, complex or specific – we have the right resources and knowhow available to foster your trading experience.

    We will give you 100% attention - the flexible options of our terminal are proof that we have your desires in our sights. We listen and help you find solutions with our creativity.