The company owns and operates partnership ventures storage and logistics businesses in 50 terminals around the globe with a total storage capacity of 150 million cubic meters and specialize in storage of petroleum products in Novorossiysk port, Saint Petersburg port, Vladivostok port, Kozmino port and top world ports as Rotterdam port, Houston port, Ventspils port, Hamburg port, Tianjin port, Mundra Port and port of Singapore with more than (2,000,000m3) storage capacity in total.

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"MEKKA" SHIPPING COMPANY is fully involved in the Oil-storage tanks leasing trade, we lease storage tanks to potential global oil and gas traders, our tanks are sanitized and free from corrosion and well-sealed. Our prices are competitive hence most Asian oil traders envision OOO MEKKA of their first choice when proposing oil storage deals in Russia and Rotterdam.

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Port of Primorsk, Russia

The Group operates two of the largest Russian ports – Port of Novorossiysk on the Black Sea coast, and Port of Primorsk on the Baltic Sea – as well as Port of Baltiysk in Kaliningrad region.

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Port Of Rotterdam,Netherlands

The Port of Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe, located in the city of Rotterdam, Netherlands. From 1962 until 2004 it was the world's busiest port, now overtaken first by Singapore and then Shanghai.

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Port Of Houston, USA

The Port of Houston is one of world's largest ports and serves the metropolitan area of Houston, Texas. The port is a 25-mile-long complex of diversified public and private facilities located witin Gulf of Mexico.